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The Payments API allows you to create and manage payments on your integration.

What are payments?

In the Profituity ecosystem, a 'Payment' refers to a transaction initiated by a Merchant, which can either be a 'debit' or a 'credit'. A 'debit' is an operation to withdraw funds from a customer's account, while a 'credit' adds funds back.

The API is designed to seamlessly facilitate both types of transactions, providing a straightforward interface for managing the flow of money between accounts.

Recommended Endpoints

For streamlined payment processing, the following endpoints are highly recommended:

  • CreatePayment api/merchant-portal/payments/payments: Initiates a single new payment transaction.

  • BulkCreatePayment api/merchant-portal/payments/payments/bulk: Enables batch processing by queuing multiple payments for simultaneous submission.

  • GetStatusDatePaymentReport api/merchant-portal/payments/reports/statusDatePaymentReport: Retrieves a list of payments filtered by their StatusDate. This endpoint is commonly used in automated processes to fetch payments with status changes from the previous day, facilitating timely system updates.

These endpoints are optimized for common use-cases and offer an efficient way to manage payments within your system.

Payment Requirements

This section outlines the mandatory fields for creating payments in the system.

Required fields for all payments

The following fields are required for all payments:

  • merchantId: Unique identifier for the Merchant initiating the transaction.

  • routeNumber: 9-digit routing number of the destination bank.

  • accountNumber: Bank account number at the destination bank.

  • accountType: Specifies the account type (e.g., Personal Checking, Personal Savings, Business Checking, Business Savings, General Ledger).

  • type: Indicates the payment method (e.g., ACH Debit, ACH Credit, Image Cash Letter).

  • amount: Payment amount in the specified currency.

Additional Required Fields Based on type and entryClass

This section outlines the supplementary fields required for creating payments, depending on the values of type and entryClass.

For ACH Debits
  • ARC, BOC: Additional field required is checkNumber.

  • CCD: Additional field required is name.

  • POP: Additional fields required are checkNumber, terminalCity, terminalState.

  • PPD: Additional field required is name.

  • RCK: Additional fields required are name, checkNumber.

  • TEL: Additional field required is name.

  • WEB: Additional fields required are name, achPaymentTypeCode.

For ACH Credits
  • CCD: Additional field required is name.

  • CIE: Additional field required is identificationNumber.

    • Note: CIE credit entries are specific to consumer-initiated payments to a business; implement only if supporting this product type.

  • PPD: Additional field required is name.

  • WEB: Additional fields required are name, identificationNumber, achPaymentTypeCode.

    • Note: WEB credit entries are specific to Person-to-Person consumer credits; implement only if supporting this product type.

For Image Cash Letter
  • Additional fields required are micr, frontImageFile, backImageFile.

Image Requirements: Images must be black and white, in TIFF 6.0 CCITT Group 4 compression format, and have a minimum resolution of 200 dpi.

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