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Payment Statuses

The Payment Statuses section decodes the various transaction statuses you may encounter, offering clarity on what each status signifies for your payments.

Status Definitions

  • BlockedAccount: The merchant is restricted from making payments to the specified route and account, usually due to a previous return (e.g., R02 Account Closed).

    • Final Status: Conditional*

    • Notes: An account may be unblocked upon merchant request, changing this status.

  • Canceled: The payment has been canceled.

    • Final Status: Conditional*

    • Notes: Cancellation actions can be undone through the user interface and API, changing this status.

  • Paid: The payment has been successfully processed.

    • Final Status: Conditional*

    • Notes: Payments that are returned after achieving 'Paid' status are marked as 'Reversed'.

  • Pending: Payment is temporarily on hold; reasons can be found in the pendingStatusReason field.

    • Final Status: No

    • Sub-Statuses: BankAccountValidation, BankAccountValidationError, BankAccountValidationFailed, CreditFunding, CreditFundingFailed, PotentialDuplicate, RiskReview.

  • Rejected: Payment failed the risk review.

    • Final Status: Conditional*

    • Notes: Can be changed if the rejection was made in error.

  • Returned: The payment was returned before reaching 'Paid' status.

    • Final Status: Yes

    • Additional Info: returnCode and returnReason.

  • Reversed: Payment was returned after reaching 'Paid' status.

    • Final Status: Yes

    • Additional Info: returnCode and returnReason.

  • Sent: Payment has been sent to the processing bank.

    • Final Status: No

    • Notes: The duration of this status is configurable.

  • Skipped: Skipped in a recurring Payment Template.

    • Final Status: Yes

  • Unsent: Payment is eligible for processing but hasn't been sent yet. If payment batching is not enabled for the merchant, newly created payments will initially have this status, unless special criteria such as RiskReview, PotentialDuplicate, or BlockedAccount apply.

    • Final Status: No

    • Special Criteria: RiskReview, PotentialDuplicate, BlockedAccount.

Note: "Conditional" means that under certain conditions, the status may not be final and could be changed.

Understanding Pending Sub-Statuses

In the case of payments marked as "Pending," you may encounter a variety of sub-statuses that provide additional insight into the specific reason a payment is on hold.

Note: Payments that are “Pending” are not eligible to be processed.

Here's what each sub-status means:

  • BankAccountValidation: This indicates that the bank account associated with the payment is currently undergoing validation.

  • BankAccountValidationError: This status means that an error occurred during the bank account validation process.

  • BankAccountValidationFailed: This is more severe than a validation error; it signifies that the bank account validation has definitively failed.

  • CreditFunding: This sub-status is used when a credit payment is in the process of being funded.

  • CreditFundingFailed: If the funding process for a credit payment fails, it will move to this sub-status.

  • PotentialDuplicate: This status suggests that the system has detected a payment that appears to be a duplicate of another. This is a flag for review to avoid processing the same payment multiple times.

  • RiskReview: This indicates that the payment is undergoing a risk assessment. The payment may remain in this status until the review is completed.

Understanding these sub-statuses can help you diagnose and act on payments that are currently marked as "Pending."

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