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Notification of Change Codes

What are they?

Notification of Change (NOC) codes are determined by NACHA and are used to indicate that some information within an ACH transaction needs to be updated or corrected. Unlike a return code, which signifies that a transaction was unsuccessful for some reason, a Notification of Change is more like a friendly notice suggesting that an error exists but is not critical enough to reject the transaction outright.

When a receiving bank (RDFI) identifies inaccurate or outdated information in a transaction, it generates a Notification of Change entry including the NOC code. This entry is then sent to the originating bank (ODFI) to update its records accordingly for future transactions.

For example, a common NOC code is "C01," which suggests that the bank account number is incorrect and needs to be corrected. Another code, "C02," indicates that the transaction routing number has been changed and the originator needs to update their records.

By understanding and promptly acting on these NOC codes, originators can help ensure the smooth processing of future ACH transactions.

List of Codes

Below is a list of NACHA Notification of Change Codes and their meaning.

NOC Code



Incorrect DFI Account Number


Incorrect Routing Number


Incorrect Routing Number and Incorrect DFI Account Number


Incorrect Transaction Code


Incorrect DFI Account Number and Incorrect Transaction Code


Incorrect Routing Number, Incorrect DFI Account Number, and Incorrect Transaction Code


Incorrect Receiving DFI Identification (IAT Only)


Incorrect Individual Identification Number / Incorrect Receiver Identification Number


Addenda Format Error


Incorrect SEC Code for Outbound International Payment

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